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Developed by the Office for Victims of Crime and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, this is an e-learning tool that offers human trafficking task forces and allied professionals practical information on the creation and day-to-day operations of  task forces, as well as essential knowledge they need to effectively identify and assist victims and to investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases.
In the e-Guide you will find:
Guidance on how to form and develop new human trafficking task forces as well as ideas to strengthen existing task forces
Creative strategies, examples, and lessons learned from existing task forces
Links to numerous tools, trainings, and resources, including case examples
The e-Guide was created for new and existing task forces, victim service providers, law enforcement, government personnel, and other individuals who are looking to enhance their capacity to address human trafficking. Periodic updates of the e-Guide are planned to provide new resources and content to support human trafficking task forces as the field continues to evolve. New content to the guide will be informed by promising practices that are emerging, and will reflect the needs of the task force community, including information on special victim populations, trauma-informed care, and prosecution of traffickers.

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The e-Guide includes the following new sections & features:
Guidance on how to work with underrepresented populations; strategies to strengthen multidisciplinary collaboration; examples of various task force models; discussion of investigative and prosecutorial strategies and more. 
Information on the latest federal and state prosecutions as well as the latest training and technical assistance resources and tools for victim service providers, law enforcement, and prosecutors.
Re-designed format to help navigate content more easily and locate information faster.
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