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Resources for Victim Advocates

For Victim Service Providers

The initial stage of working with identity theft victims is much like assisting victims of violent crime.  Often victims of identity theft have feelings similar to victims of violent crime and can greatly benefit from utilizing the skills and knowledge you already possess. In fact:

  • 53% of victims feel moderate to severe distress from the identity theft.
  • Recovering victims spent an average of $1,870 in out-of-pocket costs.
  • Over 3 million experienced issues such as having utilities cut off, being arrested, finding erroneous claims on their health records, having child support garnished for children they never had, and being harassed by collection agencies.

Effective communication with the victim and sharing knowledge and referrals between victim service providers, law enforcement agencies or other organizations can dramatically reduce victim impact.

Helpful information to assist you in communicating with victims

  • Our Resource Map may help you find further help for your clients, and understand which laws in your state protect victims. You may also use the map to find online forms in your area for helping clients write letters to creditors, debt collectors or credit bureaus to notify them of the identity theft.
  • Find training resources to enhance your skills and those of your colleagues in our Toolkit.