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Outreach Material

ID Theft Toolkit

Outreach Material

On this page, you’ll find sample materials developed by the ten founding NITVAN coalitions around the country. You can download any of these materials, and amend them to work for your state and locality and the identity theft victims and professionals you are trying to reach.

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements can be a cost-effective method of reaching out to a wide audience, including hard-to-reach populations such as rural victims, seniors, and non-English speaking victims. A radio PSA campaign can be produced and distributed on a very modest budget. Local schools may even be open to donating time with audio/visual equipment as well as student volunteers. Most non-profit organizations and agencies qualify for free radio PSA time, and radio stations will likely be open to airing your message. Some NITVAN coalitions have taken advantage of this opportunity, partnering with other organizations in the state to develop PSA’s, and in some cases, finding support to pay the station to air the messages in prime radio listening time.


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General Identity Theft PSAs

The Idaho Coalition Against Identity Theft developed both radio and television PSA’s for various purposes.

  • Invitation to Public Awareness Event:  [[MP3 2477KB | PDF 105KB]
  • Video on Identity Theft & Where to Find Help: [WMV 2917KB]
  • Short Spot to Raise Awareness: [PDF 96KB | MS Word 14KB]

Co-Branding the Federal Trade Commission’s Video & Audio

The FTC welcomes partnerships with local organizations and agencies to get the high-quality identity theft outreach material they’ve developed out to the public. Consider browsing their audio and video collection and working with a local audio/visual experts at colleges or businesses to add on a message advising victims on where they can seek help in recovering from identity theft in your area.

Tip Of The Week PSA Series

The Arizona Identity Theft Coalition developed the following Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and aired them on local radio stations around Arizona for the purpose of increasing public awareness about identity theft protection and where to go for help after the victimization. The “Tip of the Week” series was written by coalition members and read aloud by the Arizona Attorney General. Please amend these as needed for use in your area.

  1. Tip Of The Week: About The Coalition [PDF 144KB | MS Word 24KB]
  2. Tip Of The Week: Child IDT [PDF 142KB | MS Word 24KB]
  3. Tip Of The Week: Credit Report [PDF 143KB | MS Word 23KB]
  4. Tip Of The Week: Mail Theft [PDF 144KB | MS Word 24KB]
  5. Tip Of The Week: Military [PDF 143KB | MS Word 24KB]
  6. Tip Of The Week: Passwords [PDF 144KB | MS Word 24KB]
  7. Tip Of The Week: Phishing [PDF 145KB | MS Word 20KB]
  8. Tip Of The Week: Report It [PDF 142KB | MS Word 23KB]
  9. Tip Of The Week: Reporting IDT [PDF 144KB | MS Word 44KB]
  10. Tip Of The Week: Senior IDT [PDF 142KB | MS Word 24KB]
  11. Tip Of The Week: Social Networking IDT [PDF 146KB | MS Word 24KB]
  12. Tip Of The Week: Tax IDT [PDF 143KB | MS Word 24KB]


‘First Steps’ Victim Brochures

Recovering from identity theft can be a stressful, overwhelming experience. Victims may not know where to turn for help, or what steps – out of many – to take first. Developing a concise, clearly organized introductory handout can help victims in your community begin to navigate the situation.


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  1. The South Carolina Identity Theft Network's front-to-back handout [PDF 559KB]
  2. The Idaho Coalition Against Identity Theft's tri-fold brochure [PDF 443KB]
  3. The Federal Trade Commission’s tri-fold brochure: Identity Theft: What to Know, What to Do [PDF]


In-Depth Victim Recovery Kit

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has developed an excellent, well-organized booklet that walks victims through the recovery process, step-by-step. The FTC welcomes and encourages agencies and organizations across the country to co-brand its material for use in their locality. You can order these booklets for free through the bulk order section of the FTC website, where you can also discuss co-branding options. An easy way to achieve this is to print and place a sticker label on the booklet with your organization’s contact information.


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Outreach Material for Specific Populations

Find outreach materials tailored to seniors, children, parents, non-native speakers, military families, visually impaired clients, and survivors of domestic violence. Print, customize, and provide these materials to victim populations in your area.


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Non-English Speaking Populations: The Bureau of Justice Statistics report on identity theft found that over a million and a half Hispanic victims over the age of 16 exist in the United States. Reach victims in your community by downloading and customizing materials for Spanish-speaking victim populations. 

  • Spanish Language Materials: 
    • Legal Services of Puerto Rico's “Robo de Identidad” Brochure [PDF 472KB]
    • Idaho Coalition Against Identity Theft's Victim Brochure In Spanish [PDF 433KB]
    • Idaho Coalition Against Identity Theft's Spanish Outreach Palm Card [PDF 321KB | MS Word 1230KB]

Outreach Material for Visually Impaired Victims: The Federal Trade Commission has developed presentation materials for reaching blind and visually impaired audiences.

Outreach Material Military Populations, Veterans, and their Families: Those serving in the military may be targets for identity thieves who seize on the opportunity for identity vulnerability afforded by long deployments overseas.

  • Stateside Legal's page on Identity Theft for Military Service Members, Veterans, and their Families - NITVAN has developed identity theft materials for this population and worked with Stateside Legal to post the materials. Stateside Legal is a website for members of the military, veterans, their families and advocates. Its goal is to help this population access benefits, find free legal help, and better understand legal issues using interactive forms, videos, and legal analysis in ‘Plain English.’
  • For Military: Identity Theft: What To Know, What To Do - Easy-to-copy brochure from the Federal Trade Commission covering the basics for military personnel and family: how to avoid and recover from identity theft. Order free copies.
  • Military Consumer Protection Day (MCPD) Resources- a joint initiative to empower active duty and retired service members, military families, veterans and civilians in the military community. Free resources are available to help consumers be the first line of defense against fraud and make better-informed decisions when managing money.
  • ID Theft Resource Guide for Active Duty Service Members [PDF 236KB | MS Word 54KB] – one sheet guide created by the Arizona Identity Theft Coalition. The handout can be customized with your local victim assistance information and resources.

Outreach Material for Children, Parents, and Professionals

  • Guide for Parents - The FTC’s “Safeguarding Your Child’s Future – Child Identity Theft”  is a guide for parents of child identity theft victims. It includes to-do lists, contact information, blank forms and the Uniform Minor’s Status Declaration which can be used to correct problems resulting from child identity theft. An organization can also order free copies of the publication in bulk.
  • Protecting Children’s Information at School - For more information on how to protect children’s identity within schools and an explanation of rights under the federal Family Educational Rights Privacy Act, visit Protecting Your Child’s Personal Information at School available from the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Guide to Protecting Foster Children’s Identities - The Federal Trade Commission, in collaboration with Child Focus, Inc. and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, have released a guide on protecting foster children’s identities. The overarching goals of the guide are youth empowerment: using this opportunity to help young people understand what credit is, why it’s important to their future financial stability, and how bad credit can derail their goals. It also gives adults some tools to help kids if their identity has been stolen, particularly because the effects can be both financial and emotional.
  • Training for Foster Parents - The Idaho Coalition Against Identity Theft developed training curriculum for foster care children and parents: Training For Foster Parents [PDF 2024KB | PPT 1930KB]

Outreach Material for Seniors: 

  • Finger Lakes Identity Theft Coalition’s Identity Theft Recovery Kit For Victims [PDF 810KB]

Outreach Material for Survivors of Domestic Violence


Template Card Protection Wallet Sleeve

Develop a unique outreach tool that both grabs the public’s attention and is useful in preventing identity theft. The template wallet card below, can be used to create protective credit card envelopes. These envelopes provide protection against identity thieves who may use radio frequency identification devices (RFID) to ‘read’ the information on credit cards in wallets and purses of unsuspecting victims. Consider customizing this template with the phone number of your local organization or agency that services victims of identity theft.


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Washington State Identity Theft Alliance's Template Wallet Card [PDF 654KB]

Social Media Campaigns

Use social media to raise awareness and help identity theft victims find assistance. Link to NITVAN’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and website resources, ‘like’ coalition pages, or create a page for your community to help direct victims to help and resources.


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Check out examples from NITVAN coalitions around the country: 

Use Real World Social Media – Bulletin Boards, Newsletters, and More

Contact local community centers, businesses, your child’s school, the local library, religious organizations, or professional associations and use these locations to distribute identity theft tips to your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and clients.  Order free copies of the Federal Trade Commission’s publications to give out or offer to write blurbs about identity protection for these local organizations’ listservs or newsletters.


Outreach Event Promotional Materials

Your community or coalition might consider hosting a public seminar to educate victims and potential victims on how to find assistance and how to prevent further identity theft from occurring.


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  • Idaho Coalition Against Identity Theft's Public Identity Theft Seminar Announcement [PDF 169KB | MS Word 852KB]
  • Idaho Coalition Against Identity Theft's Invitation to Public Awareness Event Radio Spot: [MP3 2477KB | PDF 105KB]
  • The Federal Trade Commission has a webpage devoted to walking local organizations and groups through hosting a “Protect Your Identity Event” in their community. While the focus is on preventative measures, the event also includes steps victims can take to recover and you can further customize the materials to include local resources for victims in your community.