We know how important resiliency is in the victims we serve, but sometimes we forget how important this quality is to us as victim service providers. Resiliency helps us to move beyond stress and trauma to better adapt to the challenges we face and to ultimately better serve victims. It is an ethical responsibility for managers and leaders to create an environment that encourages and supports resiliency in all staff.


This training identifies five core elements of resiliency and examines how they can be implemented within organizations to build resiliency in staff. The training will be delivered online, over the course of 3 weeks, beginning on July 2, 2018. It is intended for managers and leaders in victim-serving organizations who are able to implement changes to policies and procedures. Each week, except for the prework week, will include a facilitated webinar, along with recommended readings, videos, and written assignments. You should expect to spend about an hour per week on these activities in addition to participating in the 75-minute webinar. Each webinar will be recorded, so if you are not able to attend one, you will be able to listen to the recording. CEUs will be awarded for those who complete all of the requirements. This training is part of the NVAA Effective Management Series and, like all of OVC TTAC’s trainings, there is no cost to attend.


Please note: Space is limited. Apply today to reserve your space.


HeadshotCynthia Hedge
Michigan City, Indiana

Cynthia Hedge serves as the chief operating officer of the Center for Creative Solutions. She currently has a grant from a local health care foundation to make a series of presentations to community audiences on strategies and tools to develop personal resiliency. In addition, she consults with businesses and nonprofit agencies, assisting them with strategic planning, board development, and staff training in areas such as creative problem solving, leadership, creativity, resiliency, planning, team building, change management, and communication. She successfully served as an instructor for the OVC NVAA Effective Management Series on Strategic Planning. She was elected La Porte County prosecuting attorney after a long tenure as a deputy prosecuting attorney, focusing on victimization and juvenile prosecution. Ms. Hedge received her J.D. from the Valparaiso University School of Law, a graduate certificate and an M.S. from the International Center for Studies in Creativity and Change Leadership, Buffalo State College (SUNY), and a B.A. in Journalism and Political Science from Indiana University.

HeadshotKimber J. Nicoletti-Martinez
West Lafayette, Indiana

Kimber J. Nicoletti-Martinez, M.S.W., is the founder and director of Multicultural Efforts To End Sexual Assault at Purdue University, as well as the founder and creator of Mujeres del Movimiento, a national resource and support network for Latina women who work in violence prevention. She is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer who has delivered both face-to-face and online blended trainings successfully, most recently as an instructor for the OVC NVAA Effective Management Series on Building and Managing Volunteer Programs. Ms. Nicoletti-Martinez has been an advocate for Latino immigrant and farmworker communities for more than 20 years. She received the 2018 National Social Worker of the Year Award from the National Association of Social Workers. Her experiences as a survivor of domestic and sexual violence and a bilingual therapist provide her with insight into barriers and challenges in creating culturally relevant healing, resiliency, and services for individuals, organizations, and communities. Her work has been instrumental in developing child sexual abuse prevention efforts in low-wage immigrant and farmworker communities. She received a B.A. in Sociology from Purdue University and an M.S.W. from Indiana University.

Dates and Time

All webinars are conducted on Thursdays from 3:00–4:15 p.m. (eastern time). The sessions are recorded, so if you are unable to participate in the live webinar, you will be able to listen to the recording.

Introductory Week: Acknowledging Resiliency, July 2–6, no webinar. (Participants will engage in forums, watch a video, and complete and submit a worksheet.)

Week 1: The Five Core Elements, July 9–13, webinar on July 12.

Week 2: Identifying Strategies To Building Resiliency in Organizations, July 16–20, webinar on July 19.

For more information about this training, please email nvaa@ovcttac.org.

*OVC TTAC’s instructors have no vested interest in any products, instruments, devices, or materials that may be used in this training.

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