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Maintaining a Quality Program

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Evaluations of both the SANEs and the SANE program are critical components of all SANE programs. It is important to remember that the goal of every community should be to increase access and improve the quality of care provided to sexual assault patients. This section gives guidance to programs on how to start the process of improving and maintaining quality by using tools such as peer review, competency evaluation, and program evaluation. How this is done may look different depending on the resources and expertise available in each community. While some skills may be difficult to practice and perfect in communities with lower volumes of patients, every program should be able to provide patient-centered and trauma-informed care. 

9.1. Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement
9.2. Peer Review
9.3. Competency Evaluation
9.4. Maintaining Currency of Practice
9.5. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the SANE Program