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Past Activity Spotlight - January–March 2020

Trauma-Informed Leadership

Requester/Organization Supported: Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Type & Dates: Delivered a 1-day training in three locations across Virginia on May 7, 8, and 10, 2019. The training focused on the elements of trauma-informed leadership and how to incorporate those elements into the organization.

Description: The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Victim Services Team requested two consultants to deliver a 1-day training at three different locations. Followup technical assistance to be provided to participants via a series of conference calls on implementing elements of the trauma-informed leadership training. Approximately 90 executive directors and program managers at subgrantee organizations from across the state attended.

Implementation: The consultants worked with the requester to develop curriculum content and followup materials. They then facilitated 1-day trainings at three sites, providing an overview of trauma-informed leadership so participants could apply the leadership skills in their own organizations. Lastly, the consultants led three 1-hour conference calls, scheduled 30, 60, and 90 days after the onsite trainings, to provide technical assistance and followup support to participants as they implemented trauma-informed leadership in their organizations.

Results: Attendees were able to learn from each other. The presenters offered ample time and opportunity for the attendees to hear ideas from others and make professional connections. The presenters balanced theoretical foundations and practical applications appropriately. This balance allowed the attendees to have both a framework in which to understand the topic and the practical knowledge they could readily apply. It was important for this training to offer that balance, and the presenters did that successfully.