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Past Activity Spotlight: October–December 2020 | Activity Spotlight

Best Practices in Grant Management for VOCA Grantees

Requester/Organization Supported: Mississippi State Department of Health

Type & Dates: Site Visit | November 12–13, 2019 | Remote Technical Assistance | November 2019 and February 2020

Description: The Mississippi State Department of Health requested a 2-day site visit and remote technical assistance (TA) to receive expert guidance on best practices for VOCA grant management. The request aimed to assist participants in identifying and implementing best practices for VOCA assistance grant monitoring, developing internal monitoring protocols for staff, and developing site visit protocols and procedures for VOCA assistance-funded grantees.

Implementation: In the weeks leading up to the site visit, the consultant conducted preliminary discussions and research with the requesting agency to confirm goals and develop priorities for the site visit. During the 2-day site visit, the consultant met with the agency's support staff and facilitated meetings focused on revising policies and procedures for grant monitoring and site visits. The consultant also addressed deficits identified in the report from the Office of the Inspector General and provided TA on best practices for the administration and monitoring of VOCA fund awardees. Following the site visit, the consultant worked with the agency to report on site visit activities and made recommendations on grant monitoring. The consultant provided continuous guidance, coaching, and remote TA promoting the development and implementation of policies and procedures supporting strong VOCA monitoring practices.

Results: The agency reported that the TA they received helped to frame their grant management work with subgrantees in an informative but not intimidating manner. The guidance the agency received on communications with subgrantees through onsite focus groups and followup phone calls helped them to communicate their activities effectively to fund awardees with minimal stress and confusion.