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NVAA Leadership Institute


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Registration opening soon!

The Leadership Institute provides skills and knowledge for new and seasoned victim services leaders to build capacity within victim-serving agencies. The training uses a blended learning approach with a combination of self-paced online training and Web-based training.

There are no tuition fees to attend the NVAA Leadership Institute.

The Leadership Institute will be conducted by two nationally recognized experts in the victim services field. Sessions will run for 10 consecutive weeks. Each session lasts 1.5 hours and participants will have approximately 1.5 hours of assignments to complete between each session. See the schedule and information about each session.

Each session is conducted by Webinar, designed to maximize interaction between participants and instructors. All Webinars will be recorded, so if you are unable to meet online for a live Webinar you can listen to the recording. Since each session builds upon prior sessions, it is important that you listen to the recording of each Webinar before the next Webinar takes place.

We understand that attending the Webinars and completing the required work between Webinars is a major time commitment on your part. Please check your schedule to ensure that you have the time and energy to complete the entire training. We anticipate that there will be many people who are interested in taking this training and we want to ensure that those who begin the training will be able to complete it.

NVAA Leadership Institute Training Requirements

When you complete all components of this training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. To receive this Certificate, you must:

  • Attend at least 7 of the 10 live Webinars and listen to the Webinar recordings for any sessions that you miss.
  • Complete the pre-assessment.
  • Complete the training evaluation following each Webinar.
  • Complete the post-assessment with a score of 70 percent or better.
  • Complete all assignments between each Webinar.

NVAA Leadership Institute Application Process

Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis until the Institute reaches capacity (40 participants).

You will receive 3 e-mails from OVC TTAC about your application.

E-mail #1 — Acknowledgement of Receipt: Sent within 5 business days after you submit your application.

E-mail #2 — Application Decision: Sent within 10 business days after you submit your application. If we are unable to accommodate you for the 2014 NVAA Leadership Institute, we may place your application on a waiting list for the next Institute, to be offered later in the year.

E-mail #3 — Confirmation of Attendance: Sent 10 business days before the Leadership Institute begins, at which point you must confirm your participation.

Once you have confirmed your participation, you will receive detailed instructions about how to access the Webinars and all related materials.

Want to let people know about the NVAA Leadership Institute? Simply follow the directions on the Link to Us page to download and create a graphical link to the NVAA Leadership Institute page from your Web site.