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Publication Date: January 2010
minus iconWhat Are Performance Measurement and Program Evaluation?
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About This GuideResources

About This Guide


This guide addresses two basic questions:

  • What are performance measurement and program evaluation? This section defines performance measurement and program evaluation, explains the relationship between the two, and describes how they work together along a continuum. The section also introduces important terms such as "input," "output," and "outcome" and reviews the types of evaluations you may conduct and their benefits.
  • What are the basic steps? This section describes a step-by-step approach for conducting a program evaluation, referring to other guides in this series when appropriate. Additionally, this section includes specific instructions on how to use the results of such an evaluation to plan for, refine, and sustain your program.

The guide includes a resources section with references, resources, and a glossary and also includes appendixes containing sample tools, templates, and instruments to assist you with your evaluation.

How To Use the Guide

You may or may not need to use this entire guide. If you simply want to know what performance measurement or program evaluation is, read the section on key concepts and the distinctions between these two activities. If you are trying to develop performance measures, conduct program evaluation efforts, or refine program activities, review the basics of program evaluation. If you are seeking guidance on specific formats for your evaluation plan or data collection instruments, review the appendixes. Whatever your need, there is a section to address it.

Other guides are available in this series to assist you with needs assessments and program evaluation:

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