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How Can We Help

OVC, through OVC TTAC, can help by offering education and tools to the field at no cost, so those who provide services have the skills to reach out to victims of every type of crime, from every background, in every place, and offer them what they need to rebuild their lives.

Gather a group of victim service and allied professionals in your area, arrange a meeting space, and select a training from an array of topics. OVC will provide instructors, an onsite coordinator, instructor training materials, and a Participant Manual for each participant.

Customized Technical Assistance
OVC delivers tailored technical assistance to meet your organization's needs on various victimizations and crime and victim assistance topics. OVC uses a network of consultants and experts in the victim services field to design and deliver customized technical assistance.

Speaker Support
Drawing from a diverse network of consultants, OVC provides speakers for conference sessions and plenary, panel, or victim impact presentations to support your meeting or conference.

National Victim Assistance Academy
This intensive, interactive learning experience helps develop and promote professional skills and knowledge for victim service providers. OVC uses a blended learning approach by including interactive, self-paced training and collaborative, facilitated webinars to provide the field with the knowledge and skills to better serve victims of crime.

Professional Development Scholarships
OVC offers scholarship support for multidisciplinary teams, victim service professionals, and others in the field with at least 1 year of experience to attend victim-focused trainings and conferences that will enhance their ability to work with victims of crime.

Help us identify other areas where we can assist the field. Send us your feedback!