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National Victim Assistance Academy

The mission of the National Victim Assistance Academy (NVAA) is to provide an intensive, interactive learning experience to develop and promote professional skills and knowledge for victim service providers. We deliver NVAA trainings using a blended learning approach—a combination of highly interactive, self-paced training and collaborative, facilitated webinars.

All NVAA trainings are—

  • Free of charge
  • Led by national subject matter experts

Continuing Education Units (CEU) are awarded to participants for full participation.

Space is limited in trainings. We limit the number of participants for each NVAA training to 100 to ensure quality instructor-participant interaction. Because of this participation cap, unfortunately, we cannot accept every application.

Technology requirements to participate in NVAA online blended trainings. (PDF 203 KB)

NVAA Application Process

  • You will receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt by email immediately after you submit your application. If you do not receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt, your application is not complete and you will not be considered for the training. You must complete all sections that are marked with an asterisk.
  • Within 10 business days, you will receive a notification of whether your application has been accepted.
  • Two days before the training begins, you will receive detailed information about how to access the training site and all related materials.

Leadership Institute
The Leadership Institute is designed for victim service administrators and leaders who wish to enhance their leadership skills and abilities. Participants will learn theoretical concepts and practical skills to lead their organization, team, or work group more effectively.

Effective Management Series
Each of the trainings within the Effective Management Series is designed to build organizational capacity within victim service organizations.

Advanced Skills Institute
Trainings in the Advanced Skills Institute are designed to build skills and address timely topics that confront victim service providers on a daily basis and that have direct impact on service providers' work.

We are committed to continually improving and broadening these critical training resources. Sign up so we can keep you informed as we make additional changes and add new trainings.

The previously delivered NVAA Foundation-Level Training Curriculum is still available as a resource.

"This training has truly been an eye opening opportunity for me and has given me a lot of new skill sets to work on and enhance. Before this training, I had had no formal training on leadership and really came into this class with high expectations of being able to exit this program with new skills; these expectations were met and exceeded."

–Participant, NVAA Leadership Institute

"…this is probably the most beneficial professional development course I have taken, and it was free and online!"

–Participant, NVAA Leadership Institute

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