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NVAA Effective Management Series

OVC offers a series of comprehensive and practical trainings to build organizational capacity. See information about each training.

Blended Learning Approach: Each training is delivered using a blended learning approach—a combination of highly interactive, self-paced training and collaborative, facilitated webinars.

Length of Training: Each weekly webinar session lasts 75 minutes. You should expect to dedicate approximately 1–2 hours completing assignments before the training begins and between each session. Most trainings include an Introductory Week. There is no webinar during this week, but you will engage with other participants and complete other assignments.

If You Miss a Session: All webinars will be recorded, so if you are unable to meet online for a live webinar, you can access the recording.

Check Your Schedules: These trainings are very popular, and we are often unable to accommodate all requests to participate. It is important that you make a commitment to attend all sessions, either live or by accessing the webinar recording.

Space is Limited: We limit the number of participants for NVAA trainings to 100 to ensure quality instructor-participant interaction. Because of this participation cap, unfortunately, we cannot accept every application.

Training Requirements: When you complete all components of a specific training, you will receive Continuing Education Units (CEU).

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"I participated in the NVAA Financial Management Training… I was able to use what I learned and share the great tools and resources with the board to help them understand the budget process and their role, and it has made a tremendous difference in the creation and overall process this year. We are on schedule and ready to start the new fiscal year from a place of planning- not just reacting. I wanted to let you know how good the training really was and that it really did help. Especially for small organizations like ours- we only have three full time employees who currently do all direct service for clients AND run the program."

–Participant, Financial Management


"I learned more from this class than I did the university that prepared me for doctoral-level research! I am grateful for the examples, the resources, and the opportunity to plan my "evaluation.""

–Participant, Program Evaluation

"The resources and information provided is wonderful for our new board. The tool kit is awesome. (The instructor) was great and gave me a lot of very insightful information. All of the sessions were helpful."

–Participant, Developing and Managing a Board of Directors