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Publication Date: January 2010
OVC’s technical assistance guides are tools for victim service providers and allied professionals, like you, who want or need to conduct program evaluations or needs assessments. The guides will help you make critical decisions and ensure that you make the best use of your funds to promote the goals and purposes of your program.

This series of four guides was originally developed for OVC and the grantees who received funding to serve victims of human trafficking. The guides have since been adapted for use by other grantees and organizations that provide programs for victims of any type of crime.

Guide to Performance Measurement and Program Evaluation
Prepare goals and objectives, identify performance measures and program outcomes, identify evaluation questions, create a program planning or logic model, select an evaluation design, decide on data collection methods, analyze and present data, use evaluation data
Guide to Conducting a Needs Assessment
Design your needs assessment, determine data collection methods, analyze and present data, use the needs assessment results for planning
Guide to Hiring a Local Evaluator
Find a local evaluator, determine questions to ask and what to look for, decide what to include in job descriptions, find out how to work effectively with evaluators
Guide to Protecting Human Subjects
Read about the law related to protecting human subjects, learn about key issues you need to address when conducting research that involves human subjects, learn about Institutional Review Boards and how to involve them in your research