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OVC TTAC: Navigating the Download Center: Sexual Assault Advocate and Service Provider Training (SAASPT) - OVC
Sexual Assault Advocate and Service Provider Training
About This Curriculum

Navigating the Download Center

About This Curriculum Tab

Use the About This Curriculum tab to learn more about SAASPT and to get tips on preparing for training.

Training Modules Tab

Use the Training Modules tab to review and gather materials for the thirteen curriculum modules, each of which has its own page in this download center that includes module-specific—

  • Lessons and learning objectives.
  • Trainer's and participant's materials (PDFs).
  • PowerPoint slides.

(The curriculum as a whole—all thirteen modules plus introductory material—is also available in the Presenter's Toolbox.)

Presenter's Toolbox Tab

The toolbox has all of the materials you'll need to conduct your SAASPT training.

Use the Presenter's Toolbox tab if you

  • Want to—
    • Download the entire curriculum rather than review and download individual modules.
    • Customize your agenda to download specific modules.
    • Link to state-specific information.

  • Need quick access to—
    • PowerPoint slides.
    • A list of equipment and materials you'll need throughout the training.
    • Sample advocate forms referenced throughout the curriculum.
    • A reading list.
    • The feedback form.
    • A certificate of completion.

FAQs/Help Tab

Use the FAQs/Help tab if you need help with SAASPT basics, training, or media/materials available on the site.