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OVC TTAC: Victim Impact: Listen and Learn
Victim Impact: Listen and Learn

Welcome to the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) TTAC's download center for the Victim Impact: Listen and Learn curriculum. Victim Impact is geared toward helping offenders to become more aware of the impact that crime has on victims and to take responsibility for their actions and begin to make amends. The curriculum makes victims and their rights a central premise.

Use this download center to gather all the materials you'll need to conduct the training. We recommend that you create a folder for the Victim Impact Curriculum on your computer and download all the files you'll need into that folder rather than using the curriculum Web site during the training. You'll find tips on how to download files on all the unit pages.

Prepare for the training by reading About This Curriculum, where you'll learn more about how Victim Impact is organized and its basic precepts. You'll also learn about your target audience and what is required of facilitators. And you'll begin to navigate the download center and find tips for getting ready. This section is a must for first-time users of OVC TTAC's Victim Impact: Listen and Learn site.

Jump to Training Units to review and download each unit's offerings. This section is especially helpful to those who want to tailor the training to their participants' needs.

Download the full curriculum by visiting the Presenter's Toolbox. Here you will find helpful tools, such as the customizable agenda, as well as all curriculum DVD clips and links to victim speaker synopses, a class contract, the Pre-/Post-Test, and a fillable certificate of completion.