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OVC TTAC: Unit 2: Introduction to Victim Impact: Victim Impact: Listen and Learn - OVC

Training Units

Unit 2: Introduction to Victim Impact

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Time Required: 2.5 hours
This unit introduces many concepts that are essential to understanding the core curriculum: Who is a “victim”? What are “secondary” victims? What are the core victims' rights? What is a “ripple effect”?

Each unit uses varied learning strategies, including—

  • Rights of Offenders versus Rights of Victims Activity (20 minutes)
  • Crime Clock Activity (20 minutes)
  • Defining Who Is a Victim (10 minutes)
  • Who Is Harmed? The Ripple Effect (30 minutes)
  • How Are People Harmed? Areas of Impact (30 minutes)
  • “I Am Not a Victim” Activity (15 minutes)
  • After the Crime (10 minutes)
  • Review (15 minutes)
  • Define primary and secondary victims.
  • Discuss victims' rights.
  • Have participants understand how the effects of crime ripple throughout a community.
  • Discuss “areas of impact.”

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Training Manuals

*PDFs of the full curriculum are in the Presenter's Toolbox.


Video clips for the full curriculum are in the Presenter's Toolbox.

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