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Professional Development Scholarships (PDS)

NEW REQUIREMENTS - The Professional Development Scholarship Program has been revised. Please review the Eligibility Criteria section for details on requirements.

The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) is pleased to announce the availability of Professional Development Scholarships to those who work with victims of crime. The program provides up to $1,000 for individuals, $1,500 for individuals whose participation in the event requires traveling to or from the contiguous United States, and up to $5,000 for multidisciplinary teams of victim service professionals seeking education opportunities. The scholarship program is administered by the Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC).

The OVC Professional Development Scholarship Program covers some or all of the following expenses:

  • Event registration fees (excluding late registration fees)
  • Lodging (up to the Federal Government per diem rate)
  • Meals and incidental expenses (up to the Federal Government per diem rate)
  • Ground transportation
  • Travel (not to exceed $600)

Scholarship awards are based on eligibility, are limited to available funds, and are processed in the order in which applications are received. Scholarships are not transferable and can be used only for professional development related to an applicant's responsibilities for serving victims of crime. Scholarship awards do not cover licensing or credentialing fees or bachelor/graduate degrees.

OVC TTAC must receive the completed Individual or Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Professional Development Scholarship application(s) at least 60 calendar days in advance of prior to the event start date, no exceptions granted.

Do you want to let people know that training scholarships are available? Simply follow the directions on the Link to Us page to download and create a graphical link to the OVC Professional Development Scholarship Program page from your website.

At this time, some conferences are announcing cancellations or postponements due to Covid-19. If you have been awarded a scholarship to a conference that is cancelled/postponed, please contact us for guidance at


Got Questions?

Phone: 1–866–OVC–TTAC
TTY: 1–866–682–8880

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