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Frequently Asked Questions about Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


Due to mandatory Department of Justice conference guidelines and policies, the August 2012 National Victim Assistance Academy has been rescheduled to 2013. Please continue to check the Web site for further updates.

All registration fees paid via credit card will be reimbursed.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact OVC TTAC at 1-866-682-8822 or via e-mail at .

What are IACET CEUs?

The International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is internationally recognized for developing and maintaining continuing education and training standards.
The Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC) is an Authorized Provider of IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and is recognized as upholding standards of excellence in continuing education. Many colleges, universities, and professional associations accept IACET CEUs. Acceptance of IACET CEUs is not guaranteed. To determine whether a particular organization or association accepts IACET CEUs, please contact them directly.


Are Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offered for completing NVAA Track 1, 2, or 3?

Yes, CEUs are offered for full participation and completion of all NVAA requirements. Currently, we expect to award 3.2 CEUs for Track 1, Foundation-Level Training; 3.4 CEUs for Track 2, Professional Skill-Building Institute; and 3.3 CEUs for Track 3, Leadership Institute.


What requirements do I need to complete to receive CEUs for the NVAA?

To receive CEUs for the NVAA, you must:

  • Attend 95% of the training.
  • Participate in all training learning activities.
  • Complete all Pre-Academy assignments.
  • Complete the training evaluations, including specific worksheets.
  • Correctly answer at least 70% of the Post-Academy assessment questions.


What kinds of training evaluations will I be asked to complete?

You will be asked to complete evaluation materials before, during and after the training.

  1. NVAA Participant Information and Pre-Academy Assessment Form. This form generally takes about 15 minutes to complete. It helps us understand your knowledge base and needs, your expectations for the training, and how you may use the knowledge and skills gained from the training in your work.
  2. NVAA Daily Feedback Forms.These forms are completed at the end of each training day. They take about 5 minutes to complete. These forms help us determine how successful we have been in the designing and delivery of the training.
  3. Worksheets. You will complete worksheets associated with specific training activities. You will give the worksheets to your instructor at the end of the activity and they will review and provide feedback about them. They will be returned to you for your records.
  4. NVAA Overall and Post-Academy Assessment Forms. The Overall Assessment form takes about 15 minutes to complete at the end of the NVAA training, and supplements the information provided on the Daily Feedback Forms. It is used to understand how well your expectations were met and how you plan to apply the knowledge and skills learned during your academy experience to your everyday work setting. The Post-Academy Assessment Form assesses gains in new knowledge after completing the NVAA.
  5. NVAA Follow-up Survey. This follow-up survey will be e-mailed to you 2-3 weeks after the conclusion of the NVAA training. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. You must complete the form within 1 week of receiving it. The survey results help us capture how well the Academy met your needs and if you have been able to use the information and skills gained from the training in your work.

The evaluation feedback that you provide is very important. It is used by the Evaluation and Curriculum Design teams to make changes to the NVAA curriculum and delivery.


When will I get my CEU certificate?

You will receive your CEU certificate not more than 15 business days after completing the NVAA Follow-up Survey Form.


Who has access to my records?

Your records are maintained in a password-protected database. Only OVC TTAC staff who are responsible for inputting information, maintaining the database and releasing records have access to the information in your records.


What do I do if I lose my CEU certificate?

If you need a replacement CEU certificate, submit your request in writing to We will not release a copy of your records to anyone other than you.

If you have any questions about CEUs, contact