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To support victim service agencies and allied professionals during these challenging times, OVC TTAC is temporarily accepting applications submitted 60 days prior to your desired start date.

Due to COVID-19, and per guidance from the Department of Justice and the Office for Victims of Crime, OVC TTAC is not supporting travel for in-person training and technical assistance events at this time. We will continue to process requests for virtual training and technical assistance.

Prior to applying for assistance, please call 1–866–682–8822 and ask to speak with an OVC TTAC Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OVC TTAC's role in relation to OVC?

OVC TTAC delivers and supports training and technical assistance for the victim services field on behalf of the Office for Victims of Crime.

What topics can be requested?

OVC TTAC provides instructor-led trainings on an array of topics relevant to the field of victim services. All training is intended to assist requesting organizations in improving direct services to victims of crime. If you would like training on a topic that you do not see in the list of standardized trainings, please call 1–866–682–8822 to speak with an OVC TTAC TTA specialist.

More information about the available training topics can be found on the Descriptions tab.

Who is eligible for OVC TTAC training?

All victim service providers, criminal justice professionals, and allied professionals (e.g., mental health, medical, clergy) can apply for training. Public agencies, nonprofits, or other organizations providing services to victims are eligible to apply for training, as well.

Note: Federal agencies can contact OVC if they are interested in bringing trainings to their agencies.

What is the difference between training and Customized Technical Assistance?

Instructor-led trainings in OVC TTAC's standardized trainings directory cannot be customized. Customized Technical Assistance allows applicants the ability to tailor the request to fit their agency's needs.

What does OVC TTAC provide for the trainings?

OVC TTAC will provide two instructors, an onsite coordinator, all training materials for the instructors, and a manual for each participant at no cost to the local requester.

Why are training applications due 90 days prior to the event date?

Training applications are due at least 90 days prior to the date of the event to (1) ensure that OVC TTAC has enough time to process your request, (2) ensure that OVC has enough time to review the application and make a funding decision, and (3) complete the U.S. Department of Justice mandatory pre-approval. OVC TTAC must receive your complete and accurate application at least 90 days (3 months) prior to your desired training date – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Note: To support victim service agencies and allied professionals during these challenging times, OVC TTAC is temporarily accepting applications submitted 60 days prior to your desired start date.

Can I open the training to other organizations in my community?

Yes. OVC TTAC encourages the requester to coordinate closely with their local/regional victim service providers, allied professionals, State Victim Assistance Academy leaders, VOCA administrators, state domestic violence and sexual assault coalitions, and Human Trafficking Task Forces, etc., to ensure that they make the most of their opportunity by only requesting a training (a) that is truly needed in that area, (b) where the requester has the greatest chance of meeting the minimum number of participants required, and (c) to ensure that the training has a diversity of participants. In addition to ensuring a more successful and engaging training, such collaborative efforts will support local networking and communication efforts. Please note that each training topic has a maximum number of participants.

You may create and disseminate promotional materials in your community. You will need to submit all proposed written marketing materials (paper or electronic) to OVC TTAC for approval prior to disseminating them. Marketing materials should include the OVC-approved training description and description of target audience. Please note that OVC/OVC TTAC logos may not be used in any event promotional materials.

If my organization already received OVC funding for training and technical assistance within the last 12 months, can I apply again?

Yes. You are able to apply for capacity building assistance if your organization successfully implemented the previous assistance. Please note, OVC's resources are limited, and OVC may not be able to support technical assistance requests that do not build capacity more than once per year.

I am an OVC discretionary grantee, can I still apply for OVC TTAC assistance?

Yes. OVC TTAC will contact your OVC grant monitor to determine if you are eligible for support. OVC may also contact your grant monitor if your funding was awarded by another federal agency addressing victims' issues.

Can we earn continuing education units (CEUs)?

Yes. The list of standardized trainings details which trainings provide an opportunity to earn CEUs. After a training is approved, an email will be sent to all participants detailing learning objectives, program content, learning outcomes and expectations, CEU FAQs and requirements, including pre-assignments, and a mandatory pre- and post-assessment. The OVC TTAC onsite coordinator will supervise the onsite CEU process and will make participants aware of all onsite requirements for CEUs. Any questions regarding the CEU pre- and post-training can be directed to

Can I download electronic copies of the materials if I am not able to host or attend a training event?

No. To gain full benefit from these trainings, participants must attend in person. Because OVC's trainings are based on adult learning theory, much of the participants' learning occurs as a result of activities and interactions with other participants and instructors. For this reason, OVC and OVC TTAC do not make training materials (either electronic or paper-based) available to those who do not participate in trainings.

Do I have to host the event in a hotel?

No. The training facility does not have to be a hotel. The facility for training must be secured at no cost to OVC TTAC and meet the Training Site Requirements (see page 4 of the Training Application). Some examples of other successful training facilities include conference rooms inside an office building, donated office space, church facilities, etc.

Does the applicant have to be present during the training?

Yes. The training applicant must be present for the entire training. This helps with quality control as well as having the ability to observe the training in its entirety.

How are the consultants/trainers chosen?

OVC TTAC maintains a database of skilled consultants and expert trainers who have experience in delivering OVC instructor-led trainings. Upon receipt of your application, an OVC TTAC TTA specialist will match your organization's needs with qualified, enrolled consultant candidates. OVC makes the final decisions on the consultants assigned to complete the training.

How will I know that OVC TTAC has received my application?

Upon the receipt of your training application, OVC TTAC sends a confirmation notice via email within 48 hours. If you have not provided an email address, OVC TTAC will fax the confirmation notice. If you do not receive a confirmation in the specified timeframe, please contact OVC TTAC immediately by phone at 1–866–682–8822.

What happens after I submit my application?

OVC TTAC assigns your application to a TTA specialist for processing. The TTA specialist will contact you to conduct a needs assessment and will work with you to locate an enrolled OVC TTAC consultant to fulfill your request. The TTA specialist will compile all the information regarding your application and send it to OVC. OVC will review the application materials and make a decision. Once OVC makes a funding and consultant decision, your TTA specialist will contact you.

Who makes the decision on the training applications?

OVC makes all final approval decisions on training applications and consultant selections.

How long does it take for OVC to make a funding decision?

In general, OVC and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) make a funding decision within 4-5 weeks of OVC TTAC's submission of the final and complete application file for OVC and DOJ review. Please note that it can take OVC TTAC up to 3 weeks to finalize your application paperwork before submitting it to OVC for approval.

If my application is approved, how are the consultants and onsite coordinator fees and travel expenses handled?

OVC TTAC will contract directly with the consultant and work with the onsite coordinator for all expenses (e.g., lodging, consulting fees, airfare, M&IE). These established fees may not be used to subsidize additional funding already anticipated or allocated for support of assigned consultants.

If OVC approves my application, what are my organization's responsibilities to OVC TTAC?

Your organization will be responsible for:

  • Keeping your TTA specialist informed of any changes with your event (e.g., date change, workshop time change, cancellation, postponement, location change),
  • Obtaining and sending a list of training attendees to OVC TTAC, and
  • Completing a feedback form and returning it to OVC TTAC within 2 weeks following the event.

Please note: Failure to notify OVC TTAC of any changes or use of any promotional materials in advance may void the OVC approval for part or all of the requested support. Once approved, you may create and disseminate promotional materials. Also, please note that OVC/OVC TTAC logos may not be used in any event promotional materials.

What is capacity building?

Capacity building refers to the process of identifying the internal and external barriers that inhibit victim services organizations, allied professionals, or individual providers from delivering effective services to all crime victims, and building on existing strengths, enhancing skills, and providing new tools to overcome those barriers. TTA specialists will conduct a thorough needs assessment to maximize the use of OVC's resources to build capacity.

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