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Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma

1.1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be offered for this training.

If you provide direct services to victims of crime, you may be at risk of experiencing compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. This 2-day interactive training will explore self-care techniques as well as strategies managers can use to help ensure balance and self-care for those that they supervise. By participating in case studies, role-playing, and other interactive exercises, you will learn how to recognize the symptoms of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, develop resilience and healthy coping skills, and create a professional and personal care plan to minimize the risk of compassion fatigue in your work.

Active participation in each of the following training modules will help you accomplish these specific learning objectives:

  • Sources and Impact of Stress and Trauma
    • Distinguish between stress and burnout.
    • Identify stressors associated with working as a victim service provider.
    • Describe professional successes and challenges in your career.
  • Indicators of Compassion Fatigue
    • Define the terms compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.
    • Recognize symptoms of compassion fatigue.
    • Identify actions and behaviors that violate healthy boundaries.
    • Measure your personal level of compassion fatigue, using the Palette of Compassion Fatigue.
  • Healthy Coping Strategies
    • Identify adaptive coping strategies that contribute to health and well-being.
    • Develop a plan to incorporate positive coping strategies into your life to make lifestyle changes.
    • Identify steps supervisors can take to minimize the risk of compassion fatigue.
  • Developing Resilience
    • Describe the five core elements of resilience.
    • Develop personal strategies to strengthen your resilience.
  • Developing Personal and Agency Care Plans
    • Develop a personal care plan.
    • Develop an agency care plan.

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