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Cyberviolence Judicial Training

This 1-day interactive training is designed for judges and court personnel to explore the various issues that the use of technology in domestic violence cases presents to the court. The training goals are to identify how common technologies look, what they do, and why people use them; analyze the use and misuse of technology in cyberviolence cases; and rule on cyberviolence cases, including evidentiary considerations. The training was developed by the National Network to End Domestic Violence in partnership with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

Active participation in each of the following training modules will help you accomplish these specific learning objectives:

  • Welcome, Overview, and Introductions
  • Technology Foundations and the Context of Abuse
    • Examine how technology relates to the ultimate goals of domestic violence cases to create safety, accountability, and due process.
  • Tech Misuse Dynamics
    • Evaluate the impact of the misuse of technology on victims of domestic violence.
    • Identify common technology misuses that perpetrators of violence employ to control intimate partners and families.
    • Examine the difficult decisions that victims of technology misuse must make when seeking safety, security, and healing.
  • Digital Evidence
    • Evaluate the admissibility of technology evidence.
    • Examine technology evidence in digital and non-digital formats.
    • Evaluate the reliability of technology evidence.
  • Resources and Evaluation

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