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Grant Writing and Other Funding Strategies for Victim Service Providers

1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be offered for this training.

Sustainability is a core issue for all victim service organizations, and federal grants and other funding resources can provide support as well as opportunities for innovation in service provision. Here is a training designed for professionals working in victim service organizations that rely at least in part on grant funding. The goal of this 2-day training is to provide the information and skills you need to identify grant opportunities, write successful proposals, and navigate the federal funding process and basics of grant management. A walk-through of federal funding Web sites and practice working with scenarios and a sample case study will keep you fully engaged and motivated.

Active participation in each of the following training modules will help you accomplish these specific learning objectives:

  • Understanding Federal Funding
    • Describe each step in the federal funding process.
    • Distinguish between grants and cooperative agreements.
    • Describe three ways to find grant announcements.
  • Assessing Organizational Readiness
    • Ensure that funding needs align with the organization's mission.
    • Assess whether your organization has the expertise to apply for grants, and the experience to use funding appropriately.
    • Identify the staff who should have input into the decision to apply for a grant.
    • Describe some of the internal costs involved with applying for a grant.
  • Responding to Grant Announcements
    • Find appropriate funding opportunities online.
    • Describe issues to consider before downloading and completing a grant application.
    • Explain how to find and complete a grant application package.
    • Describe how to prepare to write a grant application.
  • Writing a Grant Proposal
    • Describe the sections that are often required in a grant proposal.
    • Describe the purpose and content of the narrative.
    • Describe the purpose and content of the evaluation plan.
    • Describe the items to include in a budget and budget narrative.
    • Identify information that may be included in appendices.
  • Other Funding Sources
    • Describe where to find funding from state and local governments.
    • Describe where to find funding from foundations.
    • Describe the purpose of the Centers for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.
    • Identify advantages and disadvantages of various funding sources.
  • Managing the Grant
    • Explain what typically happens when an award is granted.
    • Describe tasks and reports that may be required to manage a grant.
    • Describe documents that may be required to close out a grant.

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