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Program Evaluation

1.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be offered for this training.

Program evaluation is a valuable tool that managers can use to determine whether or not their victim services programs are achieving their stated goals and objectives. This 2-day training is designed for program managers, directors, or other allied professionals who have primary responsibility for the development, monitoring, and evaluation of direct services and other programming. The user-friendly, interactive exercises give you the information, skills, and tools you need to participate in the planning and implementation of an ongoing evaluation of your programs and services. Improved skills in reporting the results to your various stakeholders can help raise public awareness and attract funding for the services you provide.

Active participation in each of the following training modules will help you accomplish these specific learning objectives:

  • What Is Evaluation?
    • Identify risks and benefits of conducting evaluations.
    • Define evaluation.
    • Identify different types of evaluation.
  • Preparing for an Evaluation
    • Recall the purpose of an evaluability assessment.
    • Write measurable goals and objectives for their programs.
    • Develop and operationalize a program logic model.
    • Identify key evaluation questions of interest.
  • Developing an Evaluation Plan
    • Distinguish between process, outcome, and impact evaluations.
    • Identify pros and cons of different evaluation designs.
    • Identify pros and cons of different data collection methods.
    • Develop an evaluation plan.
  • Conducting an Evaluation
    • Identify key steps to data collection.
    • Understand the difference between confidentiality and anonymity.
    • Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative analytic techniques.
  • Reporting and Using Evaluation Results
    • Identify components of an evaluation report.
    • Identify different techniques for presenting evaluation results.
    • Identify key uses of evaluation results.
    • Identify key audiences to receive evaluation results.

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