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Welcome to the Resource Library, a searchable collection of materials that you can use for your organizational development and training needs. Inside you will find tools, promotional items, reference materials, and more.

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Program Evaluation Flier (PDF, 107 KB)

This flier promotes the 2-day training on Program Evaluation.

Search Terms: Evaluation, Assessment, Survey, Needs Assessment, Feedback, Training

Clients Analysis Checklist (PDF, 20 KB)

This checklist is used to identify clients and their interests and to assess the impact of a strategic planning project on each client group and the level of client participation in the plan.

Search Terms: Strategic Planning, Organizational Growth, Strategic Planning, Assessment

Data Collection Tools (PDF, 34 KB)

This tool discusses the characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of seven essential tools for data collection.

Search Terms: Strategic Planning, Organizational Growth, Strategic Planning, Data Collection, Evaluation, Assessment

Resilience Assessment (PDF, 35 KB)

An assessment and development plan from the National Victim Assistance Academy measuring self-resiliency and the resiliency of your organization.

Search Terms: Resiliency, Resilience, Assessment, Coping, Strategies, Relationships, Self-Care

Sample Needs Assessment Survey Items (PDF, 128 KB)

Intended for use by program managers, this sample needs assessment surveys the capacity of an organization and its services.

Search Terms: Needs Assessment, Assessment, Survey, Evaluation, Feedback