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Welcome to the Resource Library, a searchable collection of materials that you can use for your organizational development and training needs. Inside you will find tools, promotional items, reference materials, and more.

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Appendix G Advocating in the Criminal Justice System (PDF, 41 KB)

Working with elder abuse cases in the criminal justice system is a unique process, requiring proper court accommodations. This appendix covers recommended accommodations, as well as properly advocating and navigating cases in the criminal justice system.

Search Terms: Advocate, Advocacy, Hearing, Trial, Criminal Justice, Court, Guardianship, Domestic Violence, Victim Advocate

Advocacy Tasks and the Justice System (PDF, 33 KB)

This chart examines the needs of victims of crimes through the different stages of the criminal justice process—from the time the crime is reported to post-conviction.

Search Terms: Advocacy, Advocate, Arrest, Court, Pre-Court, Post-Conviction, Victim Advocate

Cyberviolence Judicial Training Flier (PDF, 656 KB)

This flier promotes the 1-day Cyberviolence Judicial Training.

Search Terms: Cyberviolence, Technology, Judicial, Courts, Domestic Violence

The Role of Victim Service Providers Across the Criminal Justice System (PDF, 43 KB)

This document describes the roles of different victim service providers, including law enforcement, prosecution, courts, probation, correctional institutions, and parole.

Search Terms: Processes, Law Enforcement, Advocacy, Advocate, Prosecution, Courts, Probation

The Homicide Trial (PDF, 109 KB)

Covering the steps of a homicide trial from trial preparation to verdict and sentencing, this document serves as an informative guide to the needs and wants of survivors and prosecutors.

Search Terms: Pre-Trial, Verdict, Law, Court, Sentencing

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