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Welcome to the Resource Library, a searchable collection of materials that you can use for your organizational development and training needs. Inside you will find tools, promotional items, reference materials, and more.

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Training Flier (PDF, 74 KB)

This flier promotes the standardized, face to face trainings available through OVC TTAC.

Search Terms: Training, Learning, Technical Assistance, Interactive

Human Trafficking Task Force e-Guide Flier (PDF, 206 KB)

This flier promotes the Human Trafficking Task Force e-Guide, which includes guidance on how to form and develop new human trafficking task forces as well as ideas to strengthen existing task forces; creative strategies, examples, and lessons learned from existing task forces; and links to numerous tools, trainings, and resources.

Search Terms: Task Force, Trafficking, E-Learning, Professional Development

Victim Assistance Training Online Flier (PDF, 377 KB)

This flier promotes Victim Assistance Training Online, a basic victim advocacy training program that offers victim service providers and allied professionals the opportunity to acquire the basic skills and knowledge they need to better assist victims of crime.

Search Terms: Victim Assistance, Training, E-Learning, Advocacy, Advocate, Victim Advocate

Learning Preferences (PDF, 114 KB)

This worksheet covers the three types of learners: visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners. Each section describes each learning type and leaves room for notes.

Search Terms: Adult Learning, Learning Preferences

The Ultimate Trainer Flier (PDF, 149 KB)

This flier promotes the 2.5-day training on The Ultimate Trainer.

Search Terms: Train The Trainer, Training, Instructional Design, Training Model, Presentation, Professional Development, Adult Learning

Identity Theft Victim Assistance Online Training Flier (PDF, 389 KB)

This flier promotes the Identity Theft Victim Assistance Online Training and how it provides advocates and other allied professionals with the tools they will need to better understand the rights and needs of victims of identity theft and to help assist them in their financial and emotional recovery.

Search Terms: ID Theft, Identity Theft, Training, E-Learning, Victim Rights

Training Strategies for Adult Learners (PDF, 19 KB)

Adults learn for different reasons than children. This document outlines five reasons adults learn and offers tips to create effective training strategies.

Search Terms: Training, Adult Learning