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Welcome to the Resource Library, a searchable collection of materials that you can use for your organizational development and training needs. Inside you will find tools, promotional items, reference materials, and more.

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Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma Flier (PDF, 131 KB)

This flier promotes the 2-day training on Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma.

Search Terms: Self-Care, Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, Vicarious Trauma

Personal Self-Care Plan (PDF, 10 KB)

This document lets practitioners create their own self-care plan, covering personal, professional, and organizational topics.

Search Terms: Self-Care, Advocate, Advocacy, Victim Advocate

Making Positive Lifestyle Changes (PDF, 18 KB)

This self-care worksheet for practitioners addresses positive lifestyle changes and exercises that help to prevent compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.

Search Terms: Self-Care, Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, Vicarious Trauma

Resilience Assessment (PDF, 35 KB)

An assessment and development plan from the National Victim Assistance Academy measuring self-resiliency and the resiliency of your organization.

Search Terms: Resiliency, Resilience, Assessment, Coping, Strategies, Relationships, Self-Care

Recognizing and Coping With Stress (PDF, 64 KB)

Intended for group discussion, this worksheet gives practitioners space to list their top five work and personal life stressors and coping mechanisms.

Search Terms: Stressors, Stress Management, Coping, Self-Care