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Welcome to the Resource Library, a searchable collection of materials that you can use for your organizational development and training needs. Inside you will find tools, promotional items, reference materials, and more.

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Appendix G Advocating in the Criminal Justice System (PDF, 41 KB)

Working with elder abuse cases in the criminal justice system is a unique process, requiring proper court accommodations. This appendix covers recommended accommodations, as well as properly advocating and navigating cases in the criminal justice system.

Search Terms: Advocate, Advocacy, Hearing, Trial, Criminal Justice, Court, Guardianship, Domestic Violence, Victim Advocate

The Homicide Trial (PDF, 109 KB)

Covering the steps of a homicide trial from trial preparation to verdict and sentencing, this document serves as an informative guide to the needs and wants of survivors and prosecutors.

Search Terms: Pre-Trial, Verdict, Law, Court, Sentencing

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