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Apply for a Scholarship

NEW REQUIREMENTS - The Professional Development Scholarship Program has been revised. Please review the Eligibility Criteria section for details on requirements.

OVC TTAC must receive the completed Individual or Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) scholarship application(s) at least 60 calendar days in advance of the event start date, no exceptions granted.

If you need further assistance, please call the OVC TTAC Call Center at 1-866-682-8822 or TTY 1-866-682-8880.

Before submitting your application, please review—

Checklist to Ensure an Application is Complete
Applicant clearly stated how long they have been providing direct victim services.
Applicant wrote a minimum of five sentences regarding their duties and responsibilities.
Applicant wrote a minimum of five sentences regarding what they will gain from attending the event.
Applicant indicated whether they or their agency had received a scholarship previously (to the best of their knowledge).
Applicant requested all travel expenses needed to attend the event.
Applicant provided operating and training budget totals.
Applicant wrote a minimum of three sentences regarding training budget comments, if applicable.
If this is an MDT application, the team identified an MDT leader to oversee all applications.
MDT members are prepared to submit their applications within 48 hours of each other.
MDT members provided the required budgetary details specific to their organization.

Apply Online

We are not accepting PDS applications at this time.

Apply by Mail, Email, or Fax

We are not accepting PDS applications at this time.

At this time, some conferences are announcing cancellations or postponements due to Covid-19. If you have been awarded a scholarship to a conference that is cancelled/postponed, please contact us for guidance at


Got Questions?

Phone: 1–866–OVC–TTAC
TTY: 1–866–682–8880

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