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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Expert Q&A?

Expert Q&A is a national forum designed to help victim service providers communicate with national experts and colleagues about best practices for assisting victims of crime. Each month, a new topic will be presented online, and one or more subject matter experts will be available to answer your questions on this issue.

How do I register and submit my questions for an Expert Q&A session?

You can register for the next Expert Q&A session by visiting the Current Session page and selecting the "Register" button. 

When you register for a session, you will be prompted to submit one to three questions in advance.

What are the technical requirements to participate in an Expert Q&A session?

The Expert Q&A webinars will be hosted in the Zoom for Government platform. In order to participate in the session, you should make sure that you have:

  • A strong Internet connection, preferably a hardwired connection.
  • The latest version of your default web browser installed.
  • Computer speakers or headphones to hear the audio, or a telephone if you would like to call in for audio.

You can test your system’s compatibility with Zoom by joining a test meeting.

How do I join the session?

You must first register for the session by clicking the Register link on the Current Session page. Once you’re registered, you should receive an email confirmation from Zoom with a meeting link, as well as an option to add the session to your calendar. Simply click on this link at the time of the event to enter the room as a registered participant. Depending on your default web browser, you may be prompted to open Zoom.

Please note that this link to join the session is unique and should not be shared with others. If you would like to invite others to join the webinar, please send them to the registration page so they can register themselves.

I am having issues logging into the session. What should I do?

Check the following simple items to help resolve access issues.

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • Disable popup blocker software.
  • Clear the browser’s cache.
  • Try connecting from another browser or another computer.
  • Make sure you are accessing the correct URL from your email or calendar invite.

You can test your system’s compatibility with Zoom by joining a test meeting.

If you continue to experience issues, please email for assistance.

I missed the session. Where can I find the recording?

Recordings of past sessions are posted on our Past Sessions page, where you can view them at any time.

My question was not addressed during the session. How can I contact the host?

If your question was not addressed during the session, please email

How can I be alerted about future Expert Q&A sessions?

Subscribe to the Expert Q&A email list to receive the latest announcements.

I have an idea for a future Expert Q&A topic. How can I submit a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion for a future Expert Q&A topic, please email

How can I link to the Expert Q&A page?

You may download the following image to create a graphical link to the Expert Q&A page.

To create a link to the Expert Q&A page, from your website use the code below:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img height=360 alt=“Expert Q&A” src="" width=360 longdesc=“Expert Q&A"></a>