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The Ultimate Trainer

1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be offered for this training.

Need a little brush-up on your presentation and facilitation skills? If you're a good instructor who wants to be a great instructor, this training is for you. Through interactive exercises and practice sessions, you will develop and strengthen your knowledge so you can plan, develop, implement, and evaluate high-quality training programs.

When you attend this training, you will be asked to bring with you an idea for a training you'd like to create for your own organization. You'll then have the chance to begin developing that training, and to present a portion of it to the other participants. The feedback you receive from the experienced instructors and other participants will help you kick off your project at work, while at the same time improve your presentation and facilitation skills.

The goals of this training are to provide the opportunity for participants to–

  • Review the principles of adult learning.
  • Explore a range of training techniques and activities that meet the needs of individuals with different learning styles.
  • Hone presentation skills by learning how to organize material and apply five principles of effective communication.
  • Examine ways to facilitate training, create a positive learning environment, and ensure productive group activities.
  • How Adults Learn
    • Discuss principles of adult learning.
    • Develop strategies for training adults effectively.
    • Describe auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning preferences.
  • Assessing Training Needs
    • Define training.
    • Ask the appropriate questions to determine if training is the best solution to a problem/issue.
    • Use a gap assessment to help determine the learning needs of training participants.
    • Develop a gap assessment plan for a training of their choice.
  • Training Design and Development
    • Develop at least one objective that is concise, clear, action-oriented, and measurable.
    • Develop an outline of the information to be included in the training, organized into an opening, body, and closing.
    • Identify activities that will be included in the training.
  • Training Like a Pro
    • Identify common communication strengths and weaknesses.
    • Conduct a 3- to 5-minute part of a training that includes an opening, body, and closing.
  • Facilitating Training
    • List five core facilitation skills.
    • Recommend three strategies for dealing with challenging participants.
    • Explain at least two key points of facilitating learning activities.
  • Evaluating Training
    • State the four levels of training evaluation.
    • Devise an evaluation strategy, to include Level One and Level Two evaluation, for their training designs.

Let Others Know About This Training

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