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The Understanding Human Trafficking Training Series was developed with insight and guidance from subject matter experts, including those with lived experience. These content contributors participated in focus groups, provided insight on critical content, and reviewed drafts of developed content. We would like to thank the following individuals as Content Contributors: Rafael Bautista; Becky Bullard; Elizabeth Hopper; Mary Landerholm; Carolyn Liu Lumpkin; Suleman Masood; Theresa Nietzel; Sophia Papadimos; Lynette Parker; Elise Reifshneider.

OVC TTAC Developers: Aubrey Lloyd; Alice Hartzog; Emily Frith; Judith Walton; Hipa Ismeail, Heather Wilson; Kat Negron

Publication Date: January 13, 2020
Last revised: January 13, 2020