Purpose & Focus

A multidisciplinary anti-human trafficking task force encourages a collaborative effort among local and federal law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim service providers to provide a comprehensive and victim-centered response to human trafficking.

Smart Practice: Creating a coordinated and consistent response to trafficking is a major purpose of task forces.

In a broad context, task force efforts should pursue:

  • Identification of victims of trafficking and effective delivery of comprehensive services.
  • Identification of offenders through proactive investigations and prosecutions at both the local and federal levels when appropriate.
  • Training law enforcement and victim service personnel on trauma-informed practices and coordinated responses.
  • Raising awareness of the response efforts and service gaps within the community served by the task force.
  • A Shared Understanding of all aspects of human trafficking to include all types of trafficking and victim identities.

Task forces may also incorporate a forum for other community organizations to become involved in the response to trafficking by offering additional services to victims

For additional information and tools, visit the Resource page for Section 2.1: Forming a Task Force