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Rights Enforcement

Tool: VictimLaw

VictimLaw is a user-friendly database of victims’ rights laws. This is a useful tool for service providers to find information on victims’ rights laws in their jurisdiction. It also contains several legal provisions relating to human trafficking currently in effect.

The following are links to relevant pieces of Crime Victim Legislation:

The National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project Resource Library contains hundreds of resources on the legal rights of immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, and other crimes.

Victims of crime have rights. Although prosecutors are responsible for ensuring that victims are afforded their rights, enforcement by civil attorneys or advocates is sometimes necessary. The following rights are included:

  • To be made aware of available services.
  • Notification of certain significant actions and proceedings within the criminal justice system pertaining to their cases.
  • Notification of crime victim compensation.
  • Access to emergency funds.
  • Accompaniment to all criminal proceedings by a family member, victim advocate, or any other person providing support or assistance.
  • Opportunity to provide, prior to the sentencing of a defendant, an impact statement detailing the physical, psychological, and economic impact of the crime upon themselves and their families.
  • To receive restitution and compensation for unpaid wages.
  • To receive notice of a defendant’s release.




For additional information and tools, visit the Resource page for Section 4.4 Legal Services.