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Faces of Human Trafficking: Introduction to Labor Trafficking Transcript Clip 3

Ronny, Survivor Advocate: I met my trafficker back in my country, Dominican Republic. They offer us job in United States working in hotels. When we came here, what happened is, there was not such a job like that. They got us a job in DVD manufacturing company. We already invest a lot of money to come, so we had to accept the job, and we did. But he treated us like we were no one. We were living in a one-bedroom apartment, and it was three people living there. My paycheck every week was, like, $39. When we were in that situation, people could see us. We were hard-working in that company. Nobody noticed anything. And then we met Catholic Charity person, and we explained her our situation, so she contacted one agent from ICE.

Julie Gray: Ronny had so many concerns. That was the biggest trust barrier to get over—to let him know that I am genuinely concerned for you and your friends and coworkers and for your families.