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Resources: 4.3 The Vital Role of Case Management & Service Planning

  • Safety Planning Standards for Trafficked and Enslaved Persons: A Guide for Service Providers and Attorneys This manual was published and funded by a grant from OVC. Portions of this manual were adapted from materials in Safe Horizon's Domestic Violence and Anti-Stalking Programs and the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence. The content in this guide should not be posted publically to the Web. In order to obtain this resource, contact Safe Horizon at 212–577–7700 or e-mail at
  • Services to Victims of Human Trafficking: A Resource Guide for Social Service Providers (2012) This guide, published by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division, provides information about the resources available for both pre-certified and certified victims, including children with letters of eligibility. It describes the many community- and state-funded resources available for victims, including options for food, shelter, clothing, medical care, legal assistance, and job training. In addition, the guide provides information on how adults and children can obtain Certification and Eligibility Letters.
  • Working With Survivors of Human Trafficking: A Brief Manual for Service Providers (PDF 336KB) (2007) Created by Project Reach, this document provides guidance for service providers on working with survivors of human trafficking, including information on trauma, interviewing victims, assessment of client needs, safety issues, and the impact of vicarious trauma.
  • Needs Assessment for Service Providers and Trafficking Victims (2003) This document reports the findings from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) National Needs Assessment of Service Providers and Trafficking Victims. The needs assessment was designed to answer the questions of what services exist for trafficking victims; how responsive these services are to victims; what barriers there are to providing services; and what assistance/support service providers need to serve trafficking victims.