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Resources: 5.1 Victim Centered Investigations

  • U Visa Basics for Law Enforcement This Immigrant Legal Resource Center document, aimed at a law enforcement audience, outlines what a U visa is, what it provides, and general guidelines for the application.
  • Alternatives to Detention and Confinement: Multiple types of housing and supervision are available to trafficking victims without the need for long-term damaging detention and confinement.
  • WHO Ethical and Safety Considerations for Interviewing Trafficked Women (2003) Intended mainly for researchers, the media and service providers unfamiliar with the situation of trafficked women, this document aims to build a sound understanding of the risks, ethical considerations, and practical realities related to trafficking of women.
  • Protocol for Agents working with Victim Specialists during Human Trafficking Investigations The Civil Rights Unit & Office for Victim Assistance (FBI) developed a unique protocol for agents working with victim specialists during trafficking investigations. The protocol is not for the public, and cannot be provided to anyone other than law enforcement. Please contact the Civil Rights Unit & Office for Victim Assistance for additional information.