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Resources: 5.4 Landing a Successful Prosecution

Tools for Prosecuting Human Trafficking

Reports & Studies

  • Clearing-the-Slate: Seeking Effective Remedies for Criminalized Trafficking Victims (2014) This report includes the novel legislation that allows victims of human trafficking to essentially erase prostitution and prostitution-related offenses from their criminal records, allowing them a clean slate to rebuild their lives and move beyond the trafficking experience. In addition, it discusses how federal and state governments must work to change laws and policies to ensure that victims of trafficking are not arrested in the first instance and that they have access to adequate and appropriate services.
  • RICO Prosecution & Human Trafficking Offenses Shared Hope International (2013) In many cases, human trafficking rings resemble organized criminal enterprises, and already existing criminal street gangs have begun engaging in human trafficking. The parallels between the human-trafficking problem and other forms of organized crime suggest that prosecutors should utilize the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”), intended specifically to eliminate organized crime, in conjunction with the TVPA to more successfully eradicate these human-trafficking enterprises. This document provides background and guidance on the topic.
  • Prosecuting Human Trafficking: Lessons Learned and Promising Practices (2008) This research paper issued by the National Institute of Justice provides results on a study that examined the effects of existing federal and state legislation from the perspective of the prosecution and identified critical challenges and barriers to successful prosecution of cases.

Resources for Judges