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OVC TTAC: Training Modules: Ethics in Victim Services - OVC
Ethics in Victim Services

Training Modules

Ethics in Victim Services comprises six training modules, links to which are found below. Check each module to determine whether it fits your training goals. All pages include links to module-specific curricula.

  1. Introduction and Training Overview
  2. Values and Responses to Victims
  3. Ethics in Victim Services
  4. Standard Decisionmaking Process for Ethical Decision
  5. Case Studies
  6. Closing and Evaluations

Once you decide which modules you'd like to include, you can download materials from each module's home page, or go to the customizable agenda, where you can download all the materials you'll need in a few short clicks. You also can download the full curriculum from the Presenter's Toolbox.

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Important! Read the instructor's materials included on the module pages well before presenting the training to your audience; these materials contain preparation instructions essential to an effective training.

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Create a folder for Ethics in Victim Services on your computer and download all the files you'll need in that folder rather than using the Ethics in Victim Services Web site during the training. To download files, right click on the file and select "save target as."