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Building Resiliency in Child Abuse Organizations Curriculum

Victim service providers who work with abused children often emphasize the importance of building resiliency in these young victims. However, they sometimes overlook the need to develop resiliency in themselves. If providers are unable to cope with the difficult situations inherent in their work, they are susceptible to secondary traumatic stress or burnout. To maintain a healthy perspective, then, providers must learn how to build their own individual resiliency. But it is also the ethical responsibility of the organization to create an environment that supports and encourages this critical strength.

The goal of this training is to identify the five individual elements of resiliency, and explore how they can be implemented through the organizational resiliency model using policies, supervisory techniques, and competency-based training. The training is intended for victim service providers who work in agencies interested in and willing to implement policies, supervisory techniques, and competency-based training that support resiliency.

This training is available in three delivery options:

  • As a blended training delivered as two Webinars held approximately 1 week apart, followed by a short independent study assignment, a 1-day onsite training, and concluding with a final Webinar held several weeks following the onsite training.
  • As an in-person training delivered in 7 hours.
  • As an in-person training delivered in 4 hours.

Each training delivery option includes several videos. To show the videos, please use the links provided for Windows Media Player or QuickTime. Select either link to view the videos, or right click to save the videos to the computer you will be using during training.


Request this OVC curriculum as a blended-learning training through our Training program.


The contents of this training may be reprinted and adapted by victim service providers and allied professionals. We encourage you to use the material, which has been peer reviewed and pilot tested, as it was developed. If you want to modify the material because you have a different audience or time constraints that prevent you from implementing the material as it was developed, please remove the OJP seals, OVC logos, and OVC TTAC logos from the material prior to printing and distribution.

We request that any materials that are reprinted or adapted be accompanied by the following acknowledgment:

[insert name of person or company] gratefully acknowledges the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, for allowing us to reproduce, in part or in whole, the training entitled, Building Resiliency in Child Abuse Organizations.

Before showing any of the videos, please show the following video disclaimer: [Windows Media Player 3.65MB] [QuickTime 1.16MB]