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Anti-Human Trafficking

OVC TTAC provides practitioner-driven, evidence-based training and technical assistance (TTA) that is responsive to the particular needs of victim service providers, their communities, and the victims they serve, including a specific focus on anti-human trafficking. The types of TTA include tailored, onsite consultations and trainings in response to specific requests, professional development scholarships, crime victim scholarships, and a number of online resources, including our e-Guide for newly formed and established multidisciplinary task forces.

We provide training and technical assistance to a variety of stakeholders by supporting the work of OVC Anti-Human Trafficking grantees, promoting collaboration and communication among anti-human trafficking task forces, and building capacity among general victim service providers, allied professionals, and the general public.

If you are a service provider or organization of any kind, please reach out to and ask how we can help you get the training you need to combat anti-human trafficking in your community. Follow the links below for some of the ways in which we can support your anti-human trafficking efforts.

Examples of types of support from OVC TTAC:

  • OVC TTAC team provides phone and 6-hour on-site technical assistance consultation to members of a multidisciplinary group interested in forming an anti-human trafficking task force in Ohio. The TA addressed various issues such as task force structure and formation, leadership, and membership.
  • OVC TTAC sends an expert consultant to South Carolina to train approximately 200 mental health care providers, legislators, law enforcement personnel, hotel staff, and other allied professionals on the identification of human trafficking victims. OVC TTAC maintains a consultant database of subject matter experts and trainers nationwide who are selected for TTAs.
  • OVC TTAC provides financial support and facilitates a group of task force members from Texas to visit and shadow an anti-human trafficking victim service organization in Georgia to help the task force design a statewide protocol for comprehensive services to victims of human trafficking.
  • OVC TTAC provides scholarship funding to a victim advocate specialist to attend a professional anti-human trafficking conference that builds the advocate’s capacity to better serve human trafficking victims.

Resources for Service Providers, Task Forces, & General Public

Directory of TTA Resources for Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces and Service Providers
Directory of Training and Technical Assistance Resources for Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces and Service Providers

This directory was developed by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) as a resource for practitioners and task forces seeking to expand and enhance their knowledge of anti-human trafficking practices. It contains a comprehensive list of anti-human trafficking distance learning, in-person training, and training by request opportunities, and location/contact information.

Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force Strategy and Operations e-Guide
The Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force Strategy and Operations e-Guide

This e-Guide was developed in partnership with the Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) and Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). This guide provides direction to form and develop anti-human trafficking task forces, ideas to strengthen existing task forces, creative strategies, and lessons learned, as well as links to valued tools, trainings, and resources which include case examples and a comprehensive list of state statutes.


VictimLaw is a user-friendly database of victims’ rights laws. This is a useful tool for service providers to find information on victims’ rights laws in their jurisdiction. It also contains several legal provisions relating to human trafficking currently in effect.