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Other Resources
  • References [Word 49KB, PDF 68KB]
  • Resources [Word 313KB, PDF 646KB]
  • Resiliency Handbook [Word 125KB, PDF 275KB]
  • Activities To Build Resiliency in Child Abuse Professionals [Word 48KB, PDF 58KB]
  • Glossary [Word 36KB, PDF 110KB]
  • Resiliency FAQs [Word 1.87MB, PDF 142KB]
  • Pre- and Post-Test Knowledge Assessment [Word 27KB, PDF 102KB]
  • "An Evaluation of the Need for Self-Care Programs in Agencies Serving Adult and Child Victims of Interpersonal Violence in Texas" [PDF 715KB]
  • "Reclaim Your Life: Strategies and Insights for Balanced Living" [PDF 105KB]
  • "Speaking Up and Stepping Back: Examining the Link Between Employee Voice and Job Neglect" [PDF 288KB]
  • "Fight or Flight? Factors Influencing Child Welfare Workers' Propensity to Seek Positive Change or Disengage from Their Jobs" [PDF 388KB]
  • "Tucked in My Heart: The Use of Ethnopoetry To Represent the Meaning-Making of Social Workers in Pediatric Palliative Care" [PDF 51KB]