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Implementing the Model Standards: A Primer for Victim Service Program Managers

.6 Continuing Education Units (CEU) will be offered for this training.

The Model Standards for Serving Victims and Survivors of Crime was recently updated to reflect emerging challenges faced by the victim services field. The Model Standards e-publication provides guidelines and suggestions to help victim service practitioners and program administrators improve the quality and consistency of their response to crime victims.

In this training, you will learn about the importance of the Model Standards to the field and to your organization, explore your organization’s capabilities to implement the Model Standards, and develop a plan to integrate the Model Standards into your program’s policies, procedures, and activities.

Audience: The training is intended for victim service program managers.

Introductory Week: Introduction to the Model Standards

  • Week 1: What are the Model Standards?
    • Describe why the Model Standards were created.
    • Describe the history of the development of the Model Standards.
    • Explain the guiding values of the Model Standards.
    • Explain how the Model Standards can benefit organizations and the victims/survivors they serve.
    • Describe the Program, Competency, and Ethical Model Standards and their purposes.
    • Explain the five sections of each Model Standard.
    • Explain the interconnected nature of the Model Standards.
  • Week 2: Incorporating the Model Standards into Your Organization’s Policies
    • Describe your challenges in incorporating the Model Standards.
    • Summarize advantages for implementing the Model Standards.
    • Discuss the importance of organizational commitment in creating a Model Standards-aligned organization.
    • Perform a self-assessment/organization checklist to determine your organization’s current level of alignment with the Model Standards.
    • Create a list of your organization's Model Standards implementation priorities.
    • Discuss initial strategies for implementing the Model Standards.
  • Week 3: Creating a Plan To Implement the Model Standards
    • Describe strategies for creating a Model Standards implementation plan.
    • Develop a Model Standards implementation plan for your organization.
    • Develop a process for sustainability, continuous review, and improvement.
    • Develop a followup plan for accountability.