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Outreach and Marketing

.6 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) will be offered for this training.

Do you ever wonder if there is an easier, more effective way to identify and reach the victims/survivors your agency serves? In this training, you will learn how to develop a marketing plan, conduct an analysis of your audience, and identify techniques to launch your outreach and marketing campaign.

Audience: This training is developed for victim service professionals who provide direct services to victims of crime and who are responsible for developing outreach and marketing for their organizations.

Introductory Week: Introduction to Marketing

  • Week 1: Identifying Your Marketing Goals and Target Audience
    • Identify your target audience(s) for marketing campaigns.
    • Identify your organization's marketing goals.
    • Identify the best way to reach your audience(s).
    • Describe why and how to use Plain Language.
    • Explain the importance of using inclusive and sensitive messaging.
  • Week 2: Finalizing a Marketing Plan and Measuring Your Efforts
    • Identify key components of a marketing plan.
    • Describe how to evaluate and measure your efforts.
    • Explain the importance of "messengers" to your organization's marketing efforts.