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Developing and Managing a Board of Directors

.6 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) will be offered for this training.

Your board of directors sets the tone and direction of your organization. How do you build a strong, diverse, and engaged board? Once you have accomplished that, how do you maintain member involvement? This training will provide a step-by-step guide to building an effective board as well as strategies for keeping members involved and accountable.

Audience: This training is intended for staff within victim service organizations who work closely with a board of directors. It is not intended for those who are serving on a board of directors.

Introductory Week: Identifying and Cultivating Potential Board Members

  • Week 1: Assessing Board Needs, Recruiting, and Orienting Board Members
    • Describe how to identify need gaps in a board of directors.
    • Discuss how to recruit potential board members.
    • Explain ways to interview and assess potential board members.
    • Identify the key content areas that should be covered in a board orientation.
  • Week 2: Involving and Educating Board Members
    • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a board.
    • Explain how you can educate and engage your board in furthering the organization's mission and vision.
    • Discuss how to navigate the relationship between the board of directors and staff.
    • Describe the types of meetings in which the board may be involved and how to conduct those meetings.
  • Week 3: Evaluating, Rotating, and Celebrating the Board
    • Identify the questions to ask to evaluate if your board is ready for a self-assessment.
    • Describe the different types of evaluations for your board.
    • Explain the importance of ethics and accountability for board members.
    • Discuss the pros and cons of term limits for the board and rotating board members.
    • Explain the importance of celebrating successes of the board and the organization it serves.