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Strategic Planning for Program Managers

.8 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) will be offered for this training.

Strategic planning can help you produce innovative and creative ideas to serve as a core framework to design your program's future. In Strategic Planning for Program Managers, you will learn strategies to establish a clear direction and to make decisions that align with your program's mission, goals, and objectives.

Audience: This training is designed for program managers working in victim service organizations.

Introductory Week: Introduction to Strategic Planning

  • Week 1: Preparing to Write Your Strategic Plan
    • Describe why preparing for the strategic planning process is important.
    • Explain how to prepare for the strategic planning process.
    • Recognize if an organization is ready to initiate the strategic planning process.
  • Week 2: Assessing the Readiness of Your Organization
    • Describe the importance of assessing your organization.
    • Explain how to conduct a SWOT analysis.
    • Determine sources of data for assessing your organization.
  • Week 3: Creating Your Strategic Plan
    • Create strategies for setting priorities based on the list of goals and objectives.
    • Describe the importance of having clear guiding statements, goals, and objectives for a strategic plan.
    • Create clear guiding statements, goals, and objectives for a strategic plan.
  • Week 4: Implementing and Communicating Your Strategic Plan
    • Explain why an action plan is important.
    • Describe how to develop an action plan.
    • Explain the importance of communicating and marketing a strategic plan.
    • Discuss how to identify client and stakeholder needs.
    • Explain how to create a simple communication plan.