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Schedule, Goals, and Objectives

OVC is providing the trainings listed below during 2024. Applications for each training will open approximately 3–4 weeks before the training begins.

Building and Managing Volunteer Programs

CEUs: .5Length: 3 weeks

Volunteers bring a passion to victim service organizations, and their mindful management can be a key strategy in extending an organization’s mission and scope of services. This training will focus on the importance of volunteers; how to recruit, screen, onboard, and retain them; and how to determine the costs associated with managing volunteers. Learn More

Webinar Dates Webinar Times Apply
Introductory Week: April 1, 2024
Week 1: April 11, 2024
Week 2: April 18, 2024
2:30–4:00 p.m. ET Closed

Financial Management

CEUs: 1.1Length: 6 weeks

To serve crime victims more effectively, victim service organizations must use fundamental financial management practices to stay solvent and operate properly. In the Financial Management training, you will learn key bookkeeping and accounting principles, how to prepare financial documents, and how to prevent fraud. Learn More

Webinar Dates Webinar Times Apply
Introductory Week: April 22, 2024
Week 1: May 2, 2024
Week 2: May 9, 2024
Week 3: May 16, 2024
Week 4: May 23, 2024
Week 5: May 30, 2024
2:30–4:00 p.m. ET Closed

Outreach and Marketing

CEUs: .6Length: 3 weeks

Do you ever wonder if there is an easier, more effective way to identify and reach the victims/survivors your agency serves? In this training you will learn how to develop a marketing plan, conduct an analysis of your audience, and identify techniques to launch your outreach and marketing campaigns. Learn More

Webinar Dates Webinar Times Apply
Introductory Week: February 5, 2024
Week 1: February 15, 2024
Week 2: February 22, 2024
2:30–4:00 p.m. ET Closed

Program Evaluation

CEUs: .9Length: 5 weeks

We know that program evaluation is valuable, yet we are intimidated at the thought of actually conducting an evaluation. It is important to be able to measure effectiveness and other indicators of performance in your program to help with fundraising and to demonstrate the need for services. This Program Evaluation training will give you the practical skills to conduct an evaluation and take some of the fear out of the process! Learn More

Webinar Dates Webinar Times Apply
Introductory Week: May 28, 2024
Week 1: June 6, 2024
Week 2: June 13, 2024
Week 3: June 20, 2024
Week 4: June 27, 2024
11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. ET Closed

*We are an IACET Authorized Provider. One IACET CEU is awarded for 10 contact hours of training.