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Developing and Sustaining Collaborations

.7 Continuing Education Units (CEU) will be offered for this training.

Collaborations are a primary strategy to help an organization achieve its mission; yet, they are often difficult to implement and sustain. This training will identify methods that you can use to explore, plan, implement, and evaluate strategic collaborations.

Audience: This training is designed for victim service providers who are responsible for developing and sustaining collaborations.

Introductory Week: The Foundations of Collaboration

  • Week 1: Forming Collaborations
    • Examine factors to consider prior to establishing a collaborative effort.
    • Describe the skills and qualifications needed to build an effective team of collaborators.
    • Evaluate potential partners.
    • Describe the structure of a collaboration.
  • Week 2: Collaboration in Action
    • Explain how to build trust and maintain a respectful working relationship.
    • Identify the guidelines for successful meeting facilitation.
    • Discuss the purpose of a needs assessment, goals, and objectives.
    • Discuss the importance of an action plan.
    • Draft an action plan.
  • Week 3: Evaluating the Outcomes
    • Identify ways to maintain the momentum of a collaboration.
    • Discuss the challenges of collaborating.
    • Discuss methods for managing conflict effectively.
    • Examine strategies for evaluating collaborative outcomes.